SPARTACUS Final Demonstration


A feasibility test of SPARTACUS solutions will take place on the 15th September 2016 at the Romanian Railway Authority Testing Centre in Faurei (Romania). With the assistance of the Romanian Railway Authority (Autoritatea Feroviară Română – AFER – project partner), a specific emergency scenario (i.e. train accident) has been designed to demonstrate the SPARTACUS support capabilities during the operational management of a crisis, involving transport assets and first responders.

The idea is to simulate a railway accident and to demonstrate how Spartacus system supports the standard procedures of railways in emergency management and also supports coordination with the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (Inspectoratul General pentru Situaţii de Urgenţă - IGSU), a non-Consortium entity acting as the national emergency coordination center in Romania. Rail operators, fire-fighters, police, medical emergency services and disaster experts will be present and equipped with SPARTACUS technologies.

SPARTACUS project at 4th Community of Users meeting on Natural Hazards


On 22th June 2016, at BAO Congress Centre, Brussels (Belgium), Clemente Fuggini as SPARTACUS project coordinator, will present the results of the SPARTACUS project and their validation in synergy with DG-ECHO Module Exercise on the 22nd June 2016, 12:05, at the 4th Community of Users meeting on Natural Hazards Crisis Management.

The Community of Users on Safe, Secure and Resilient Societies has been developed with support of the European Commission in order to reduce the current fragmentation in security research and facilitate information exchange among and between policy-makers, research, industry (including SMEs), practitioners (first responders, civil protection units, etc.) and the general public.

Take a look at the agenda and follow the discussions in live stream.

SPARTACUS technologies used in EU Module Exercise 2015/2016


From 8th to 11th  June 2016 an EU Module Exercise for USAR (Urban Search And Rescue) and AMP-S (Advanced Medical Post with Surgery) took place near Vienna, successfully deploying SPARTACUS technologies. The EU Module Exercise is a civil protection exercise that prepares civil protection teams to react fast and in a coordinated manner when disasters occur. The participants involved in Urban Search and Rescue operations used the following newly developed SPARTACUS technologies in the large-scale exercises:

  • SPARTACUS solution for tracking transport assets
  • SPARTACUS solution for tracking and coordination of First Responders
  • SPARTACUS “all-in-one” communication unit
  • SPARTACUS solution for Situational Awareness and Mapping.

The participants were supported in the use of these tools by user-friendly training manuals customized to the specific scenarios of the exercise and the participant’s role, and afterwards were asked to provide feedback and recommendations on the use of the tools, supporting the validation from an operational perspective.

This module of EU-ModEX was organized on behalf of the European Commission by the consortium of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, Ministry of the Interior Austria, Crisis Management Centre Finland, Danish Emergency Management Agency and Italian Civil Protection Department. D’Appolonia was involved as SPARTACUS project coordinator.​

Take a look on the following video about the exercise (acknowledgements to Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V.):


SPARTACUS project at CIMTEC 2016


On 9th June 2016, at Centro Congressi Hotel Quattrotorri - Room SPOLETO B, Perugia (Italy), the SPARTACUS partners present the innovations and results of the project during the special session “Security Devices” of CIMTEC 2016, 5th International Conference on Smart and Multifunctional Materials Structures & Systems, dedicated to space technologies in the security field. The session is chaired by D’Appolonia and University of Bologna while it has been organized by University of Pavia.

4th SPARTACUS General Assembly Meeting


On November 03-05, 2015, at Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna (Italy), the 4th SPARTACUS General Assembly Meeting will be held, together with the 1st Spartacus field tests.

3rd SPARTACUS General Assembly Meeting


On June 15-17th, 2015, at Institute Mihajlo Pupin (Serbia), the 3rd SPARTACUS General Assembly Meeting was held togther with the 1st exploitation seminar.

2nd SPARTACUS General Assembly Meeting


On November 27th and 28th, 2014, at Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna (Italy), the 2nd SPARTACUS General Assembly Meeting was held. In that occasion, an effective Consortium update was done on the work packages related to the development of SPARTACUS capabilities in Positioning, Timing and Communication. Accordingly, a profitable demo session on smartphone apps for first responders and the dead reckoning has shown the advancement in the technology and innovation content applied in the project.

ESA Satellite Masters Conference and SPARTACUS


On October 23th and 24th, 2014, the first Satellite Masters Conference was held at Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Berlin.

In that occasion, D'Appolonia S.p.A. presented the SPARTACUS project as useful example of integration among spatial and terrestrial technologies to manage emergency and disaster scenarios.

The project has been inserted in a workshop focused on how space solutions can help find innovative solutions in non-space sector such as Oil and Gas.