SPARTACUS scientific and technical objectives

Critical assets and first responders in emergency

Identification of critical assets, user's requirements, needs, gaps and procedures in crisis management operations


Satellite positioning and tracking

Design and development satellite based solutions for tracking and positioning of critical assets and first responders and improving accuracy by means of:

  • novel algorithms;
  • dead reckoning options;
  • corrections from EGNOS and GALILEO system (when available)


Communication networks

Ensuring no lacks of communications in emergency scenarios by means of the integration of terrestrial communications with satellite backhauling


System reliability and integrity for security applications

Ensuring the system robustness, information integrity and reliability, avoid gaps or lacks, by means of back-up routes


Support first responders in crisis operations and monitoring of assets in emergency situations

Development of smartphone based applications for end-users location awareness


Crisis Management Operations Support

Ensuring distribution of information back to the field where end users and first responders can be supported in coordinating and managing crisis operations and local existing networks are not available