Large Enterprises

  • Mr. Clemente Fuggini Email: clemente.fuggini[at] Website: Phone: +39 010 3628148 Fax: +39 010 3621078 Address: Via San Nazaro, 19, 16145 Genova ITALY

    D'Appolonia S.p.A.

    D'Appolonia S.p.A. is a large contract engineering consultancy company, with extensive project management capacities and established technology and knowhow transfer from science and high-tech to industrial applications in areas relevant to the SMEs.

    Role in Spartacus

    Project Coordinator and responsible for administrative and technical management. Technology integrator and SME trainer. DAPP will play a linking role across the project consortium among academia and industrial partners.

    People involved

    Mr. Andrea Ferrari: chemical engineering as Project Manager, he has successfully led several large European Projects, involving consortia of European dimension, and has developed, managed and contributed to over 50 Technology R&D projects of international dimensions. In Spartacus he will support in the project coordination and management and he will be mainly involved in exploration and dissemination activities.

    Mr. Clemente Fuggini: civil engineer who specializes in structural health monitoring, structural control, smart structures and systems, reliability analysis, numerical models. He got a Phd with a dissertation entitles "Using Satellites Systems for Structural Monitoring: Accuracy, Uncertainty and Reliability", where he analyzed methodologies for GNSS based solutions for applications in the construction sector and in infrastructures. He is currently working at DAPP as satellite based solutions expert. In SPARTACUS he will serve as Executive Scientific/Technical coordinator.

    Mr. Ivan Tesfai: biomedical engineer with a background in electronics and telecommunications. He is employee in D'Appolonia S.p.A. as innovation consultant in industrial and European Commission co-funded research projects as well as GSA projects to provide insight into business opportunities in tracking and communication technologies for space and terrestrial applications. His role in SPARTACUS consists in supporting the activity of Executive Scientific/Technical coordinator, business exploitation and market impact of SPARTACUS technologies.

    Ms. Laura Giovanelli: expert in financial and administrative actions as such she will serve as administrative and financial coordinator, and assist the overall project with project management activities.

  • Mr. Stelian Platon Email: platons[at] Website: Phone: +40 0758760069 Fax: +40 021 3160597 Address: Calea Grivitei, 393, 010719 Bucharest Romania

    Romanian Railway Authority

    Romanian Railway Authority – AFER, with its 500 staff, is the specialized technical body of the Ministry of Transports, responsible for railway safety and subway. Romanian Railway Authority – AFER is the public institution, financed by extra-budgetary funds. In the Romanian Railway Authority - AFER operates four independent bodies in decisions and actions as follows:
    - Romanian Railway Safety Authority
    - Roman Railway Notified Body
    - Romanian Railway Licensing Body
    - Romanian Railway Investigating Body.

    Role in Spartacus

    AFER will be involved in the Solutions Demonstration. In fact we would like to have a real test at Railway Testing Centre which will be ideal to test our tracking system into a real environment. AFER can help working to integrate the solution we are proposing into procedures and guidelines which have to be respected in the railway sector for emergency. The collaboration with the SUSTRAIL project.

    People involved

    Ms.Vali PATRASCU expert in financial and administrative actions, has experience in the coordination of European projects. She will also assist with her language skills – French and English language. Current Work: ERA working group, EU projects implementation, international affairs, and public relations. In SPARTACUS – person in charge of administration, legal, and financial aspects.

    Dipl. Ing. Dragos FLOROIU – Chief Inspector in the Romanian Railway Safety Authority. He is a leading expert in the management of critical situations, worked on regulations in the field and was director Investigating Body. In SPARTACUS – person in charge of scientific and technical aspects.

    Dipl. Ing. Dr. Stelian PLATON transportation engineer, specialized in traffic and safety control, systems reliability, multimodal transportation. He got a Phd with the dissertation "The reliability of marshalling yards". He has international experience as researcher in sustainable transportation at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and as project officer in Interoperability at ERA (European Railway Agency). He is currently working at AFER beeing involved in research projects. In SPARTACUS – person in charge of scientific and technical aspects.

    Dipl. Ing. Dr. Ioan BUCIUMAN – Scientific Secretary in The Romanian Railways Authority – AFER. He has over 19 years operation management in the railway infrastructure and 11 years inspection and control by state on the safety and quality of public services, in the railway and subway transport, to work out and/or to approve, in case, and to submit for approval to the Ministry of Transports specific regulations for the railway transport process under the conditions imposed by the traffic safety, transport security and the quality of services. 1999 onwards – Collaboration with University "Politehnica" of Bucharest – Management in the transport railway system - course ; Risk Management in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) – course. In SPARTACUS – legal entity appointed representative (LEAR).

  • Dr. Markus Werner Email: markus.werner[at] Website: Phone: +49 8153 88678-0 Fax: +49 8153 88678-1 Address: Argelsrieder Feld 22, 82234 Wessling, GERMANY

    TriaGnoSys GmbH

    TriaGnoSys GmbH, a Zodiac Aerospace company since September 2013, develops communication systems, with focus on mobile, satellite and aeronautical communications, and provides solutions, development services, expertise and conducts studies and applied research in these areas. TriaGnoSys has a long track record in R&D as well as product development in advanced mobile and aeronautical satellite communications.

    Role in Spartacus

    Leading the development of communication technologies (WP3). Involved in demonstration and validation activities , with the responsibility for the communication components and functionalities.

    People involved

    Dr. Markus Werner: Responsible for all R&D projects of the company. Two decades of experience in European R&D Framework Projects, including as project coordinator. Administrative management and exploitation/dissemination responsibility for SPARTACUS.

    Mrs. Erica Pescio: System engineer with experience in various R&D projects as well as product software development. Technical lead for the company activities in SPARTACUS.

    Dr. Vincent Boussemart: Senior System Engineer and Scientist in the area of satellite communications and communication protocols. Involvement in SPARTACUS requirements and architecture work, as well as protocol and software components of the communication technologies.

Small to Medium Enterprises

  • Mr. Alois Hirschmugl Email: alois.hirschmugl[at] Email: office[at] Website: Phone: +43 664 140 98 02 Fax: +43 3136 62 005 Address: Gruenegasse 12, 8501 LIEBOCH, AUSTRIA

    DMAT Consulting KG

    DMAT Consulting KG(limited partnership) works in the field of disaster management, advice and training. D.M.A.T. offers advice in disaster prevention(e.g. risk analysis, emergency plans..), offers assistance in disaster management operations worldwide, prepares proposals for call for tenders in the field of disaster, crisis and security related areas, develops response tools like Civil Protection Modules from scratch - e.g. Table of Organization and Equipment, personal requirements, training, Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs), exercises and evaluation; offers individual training and lectures and conducts research and studies (disaster management, leadership, socio-economic effects of disaster, legal aspects etc..). DMAT was involved in EUCP - projects like EUTAC, EURAMED, EURETS as well as EU FP 7 - Space projects like GEO-PICTURES, BEATLES, VISEO-FUSION.


    Role in Spartacus

    Lead in Task 8.3 (Training); supports with user inputs (Headquarters and Field level), technological user requirements, exploitation and dissemination ; link to UN OCHA as well as EUCP.

    People involved

    Mr. Alois Hirschmugl: Manager of DMAT; Regular officer(BG; over 35 years of military experience); Lawyer; United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination(UNDAC) as well as EU Civil Protection(EUCP) Expert with 8 UNDAC and 2 EUCP missions worldwide), 1 Peace Keeping mission; Trainer and lecturer on disaster management for UN, EU, NATO, universities; preparation of proposals for EUCP calls; involved in different EUCP and EU FP 7 projects. In Spartacus he will support with his knowledge and experience as end user in HQ´s and in the field as well as training and dissemination.

    Mrs. Monika Hirschmugl-Fuchs: Financial Manager of DMAT; Certified Management Consultant (miraconsult e.U); Mediator; Risk-, Quality- and Environmental Manager; Evaluator; preparation of proposals for EUCP calls; involvement in EUCP project EURETS (Quality Management). In Spartacus she is responsible for financial and administrative tasks and supports in scenario development, reporting, internal evaluation, exploitation and dissemination.

    Mr. Sebastian Hirschmugl: Office manager, project assistant and experienced fire fighter. In Spartacus he will be available for administration, training, user requirements, exploitation and dissemination.

    Ms. Johanna Hirschmugl: Bachelor of Chemical and Process Engineering; Project Assistant. In Spartacus she will be available for engineering tasks, training, user requirements, exploitation and dissemination.

  • Dr Harald Skinnemoen Email: Harald.skinnemoen[at] Website: Phone: +47 928 466 51 Fax: +47 64 00 94 56 Address: Martin Linges Vei 25, 1364 Fornebu NORWAY

    AnsuR Technologies

    AnsuR Technologies, with subsidiaries AnsuR BirdEye, AnsuR Solutions Barcelona and Ansurance, is a Norwegian SME with around 15 employees (2013), founded in 2005. We specialize in innovations in interactive visual data communications for low bandwidth links and mission critical applications, such as crisis and disaster management, security, safety and economic / insurance. Our core background is space and satellite communications, but now covering satellite navigation, earth observations, UAVs, as well as and any challenging communications link.

    Role in Spartacus

    Responsible for part of the project proposal, consortium structure and overall objectives. Co-responsible for system, structure, R&D, Software development and implementation specifically mobile platforms for people, ASIGN field units, server and the heritage from both WISECOM and GEO-PICTURES.

    People involved

    Dr. Harald Skinnemoen is founder and CEO of AnsuR. He was the initiator of ASIGN and coordinator of relevant projects like GEO-PICTURES, as well as Chairman in DVB-RCS. Dr. Skinnemoen has long experience with satellite communications in particular and digital communication in general. He is the responsible for overall concepts and directions of ASIGN as well as system design, testing and exploitation.

    Dr. Javier Lopez has a background as a Telecommunication engineer and his work in AnsuR has been related since the beginning with remote sensing integration with ASIGN. Dr. Lopez holds a MBA and a MSc. In Emergency Management and Civil Protection, and in the past he used to work with the Directorate of Emergency Management and Meteorology of the Basque Country. He is responsible for the day to day management of the project.

    Mr. Håkon Eggemoen, Managing Director, holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science and is the administrative responsible for AnsuR. He has previously held the same role in several FP6/FP7 (both as coordinator and partner), ESA projects and more. He is also ethically responsible for the deliverables and the technology in SPARTACUS. He has over 20 years IT industry experience and strong international management background: CEO of Organizer, project manager consultant to Nextra before joining TTYL where he was responsible for global service provider sales. From 1991-1997 he was with Ericsson introducing network and subscriber management solutions worldwide. When Swedish Telia expanded into Norway (1998), he was responsible for data communications in Norway.

    Mr. Kristoffer Furuheim, MSc, in computer science at the recognized Norwegian Defence Research Establishment. At AnsuR Technologies is an experienced systems architect and ASIGN expert, with specialty in ASIGN field units, the Android platform, UAV/UAS platforms, real-time streaming applications and UN/civil protection and police user requirements implementation. He was engaged as a technical manager in the EU FP7 project GEO-PICTURES and has also been involved in other EU and ESA projects.

    Mr. Magnus Vikstrøm has five years of experience working as a developer at AnsuR. He is the architect behind the server and web-solution of the ASIGN system for adaptive image communication in global networks. Magnus holds an M.Sc. in computer science and is an expert programmer specializing in near real time responsive web applications and REST-APIs. He is experienced in both server and client side development. He has also been responsible for system validation and factory acceptance tests in several EU projects.

    Mr Angel Segura is Senior Software Developer. He has a strong background in the development of applications for mobile platforms (Windows Phone, Android, iOS) and he is responsible for field unit programming. In AnsuR he has contributed to the development and improvement of several applications, like the UN ASIGN crowdsourcing app used by UN for big disaster management.

  • Haris Hadzialić Email: haris.hadzalic[at] Website: Phone: +387(0)65156028 Address:Trampina 12,
    71000 Sarajevo,
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    GlobalGPS BH

    GlobalGPS BH is the pioneer in the field of introducing new technologies in the management of fleet vehicles to advanced and above all cost-effective way. In addition to the standard process of fleet management for example: monitoring the registration of vehicles, monitoring the technical review, use of tires etc., this system offers an upgrade by advanced vehicle tracking via GPS system, using a network of satellites in Earth orbit for precise positioning of each vehicle, regardless of whether this vehicle is: on the river, sea or land.

    GlobalGPS BH is founder of the SVE5 Holding - Bosnian advanced technology structure, the innovator in fields of energy production, distribution and storage; advanced use of special therm coating structures, innovations in fleet and urban traffic management and regulations, innovations in production of energy and fuels from pollution materials, etc.

    Role in Spartacus

    "Replication and Scalability" Leader. GLOB will leverage its expertise in fleet and vehicles management by means of satellite technologies enabling the SPARTACUS solutions to be scalable to multiple end users and to other critical assets. This will allow for a broader exploitation of the SPARTACUS services to be quickly adopting into the market as solutions for tracing/tracking critical assets and first responders.

    People involved

    M.Sc. Mr. Haris Hadzialic is the founder and the CEO of GlobalGPS. He matured experience in tracking solutions and systems, ICT technologies, fleet management as well as intelligent control system for road traffic and for congestion in urban centre reduction. Moreover he experience capacities into GPS location management and tracking, Communication and data exchange, vehicles performance management for both passengers and transport fleets.

    Mr. Enio Kaljić, MoE is a highly motivated individual with creative leadership and expert with 19 years experience in computer programming, desktop applications development, mobile applications development, web applications development, databases, network programming, low level network programming, embedded systems development. Mr. Enio Kaljic participated in projects and research projects, some of them are: Point of sale software, development, Prototype application: Fleet Management and POS-mobile micropayment. Research projects: Implementation of the quality of service (QoS) in IP network business distribution facilities, selection of optimal models and mechanisms to implement QoS in the transport and IP/MPLS network.

    Mr. Sanjin Šarić, MoE is a telecommunications engineer who focused his career around Internet of Things and Smarthome solutions. His current position revolves around creating modular software solutions in Java and Android.  His main specialty is designing and implementing protocols for sensor networks. This requires knowledge about contemporary wireless solutions, Linux systems and low level microcontroller programming.


  • Alexis Guinamard Email: 


    Website: Phone: +33 1 80 88 45 00 Address:3bis, chemin de la Jonchère
    92500 Rueil-Malmaison

    SBG Systems SAS

    SBG Systems is a fast growing supplier of miniature, high performance and innovative motion sensing solutions. SBG Systems offers a complete line of inertial sensors based on the state of the art MEMS technology, such as Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS), Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Inertial Navigation Systems with embedded GPS (INS/GPS), etc. This technology, combined with advanced calibration techniques offers miniature and low-cost solutions for industrial, defense & research projects such as unmanned vehicle control, antenna tracking, camera stabilization, and surveying applications.

    Role in Spartacus

    SBG will be mainly involved in the RTD work packages of SPARTACUS in the development of the SPARTACUS tracking unit for providing the positioning and navigation services to the different end-users in the three application areas. Moreover, SBG will ensure components integration, will tests in laboratory the developed solution and will finally ensure the compliance the incoming GALILEO system.

    People involved

    Mr. Alexis Guinamard: Responsible for research and development projects, research in Kalman filtering and inertial navigation system algorithms, responsible for the technical support team. He owns a strong background in R&D project management, expertise in embedded software architecture and development (C, Assembler), extensive experience in signal processing design, Matlab and Inertial navigation related algorithms.


Research and Academic

  • Prof. Fabio Casciati Email: fabio[at] Website: Phone: +39 0382 985787 Address: Via Ferrata 3, 27100 PAVIA ITALY

    University of Pavia

    The University of Pavia belongs to the Coimbra group of historical university across Europe. The branch involved in the project is related to the PhD School in Civil Engineering and Architecture. Experimental and numerical laboratories are made available to the project.

    Role in Spartacus

    Partner responsible of the design and the implementation of the communication link between GPS devices and data collection nodes.

    People involved

    Prof. Fabio Casciati: civil engineer and full Professor since 1980. He is the coordinator of the PhD School in Civil Engineering. He has successfully led several European Projects. Some of them were related with the rapid detection of damage induced by natural catastrophic events. In Spartacus he will serve as link between the GPS technology units and the data management partners.

    Prof. Lucia Faravelli: full Professor since 1990. She was the coordinator of the ESF network CONVIB, where a broad use of monitoring was implemented. In Spartacus she will supervise the reporting and the dissemination aspects.

    Dr. Zhicong Chen: Master in Telecommunication Engineering and PhD degree in Civil Engineering. Currently at Fuzhou University in Southeastern China. In Spartacus he is designing the target wireless link.

    Dr. Michele Vece: Master in Civil Engineering. In Spartacus he will serve as administrative and financial link with the other partners and will supervise the necessary web actions.

  • Prof. Luca Vittuari Email: luca.vittuari[at] Website: Phone: +39 051 2093103 Address: Viale Risorgimento 2, 40136 Bologna ITALY

    University of Bologna

    The University of Bologna is the most ancient university in the western world. Based on 5 campuses, it is structured in Schools and Departments and is today the top Italian University for European funding for research. DICAM Department (Dept. of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering) covers a broad range of scientific research fields, equipped with eleven specialist laboratories. The expertise of the research group involved in SPARTACUS is mainly related to Satellite Geodesy and Geomatics, real time positioning systems, data processing and quality assessment.

    Role in Spartacus

    Responsible for Work Package 2: "Development of Positioning and Timing Capabilities", in charge of designing and developing the SPARTACUS tracking unit solutions for critical assets and first responders tracing/tracking. UniBO will follow in particular the positioning aspects.

    People involved

    Prof. Luca Vittuari: associate Professor. he has a great experience in positioning and use of GNSS systems and sensor integration for high accuracy applications. Principal Investigator of Italian Research Program in Antarctica: IGG@Dome - Integrated geodetical and geophysical analysis for site modeling and deep ice core interpretation.

    Prof. Gabriele Bitelli: full Professor, has been involved in different European projects. His main expertise is related to the integration of different geomatic techniques and Remote Sensing technologies.

    Prof. Stefano Gandolfi: associate Professor, the main expertise is related to GNSS data acquisition and analysis, for static and kinematic surveys.

    Prof. Antonio Zanutta: associate Professor, responsible of a Research Group for geodetic activities in the framework of Italian Research Program in Antarctica, is mainly specialised in photogrammetry and GNSS data processing.

    Ms. Beatrice Turci: will assist the group for management and administrative actions.

  • Mr. Francis Franklin Email: francis.franklin[at] Website: Phone: +44 191 2083494 Address: University of Newcastle upon Tyne Stephenson Building Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU United Kingdom

    Newcastle University

    Newcastle University is a member of the elite Russell Group, an association of the top 24 leading research-intensive UK universities, and has one of the largest EU research portfolios in the UK. The Newcastle Centre for Railway Research (NewRail)  has research and innovation that covers aspects affecting the system as a whole, and includes priority research topics in Rail Freight and Logistics ; Rail Infrastructure; Rail Systems; Rail Vehicles; Rail Education; EU Project Management.

    Role in Spartacus

    Leader of Task 6.2: NewRail's Barrow Hill site will be used as a testing ground for the validation of the SPARTACUS system's application to the railway environment. Barrow Hill is an operational depot connected to the rail network but outside the network's safety regulations.

    People involved

    Dr Francis Franklin is Lecturer in Solid Mechanics in the School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering. He has 14 years of railway research experience with a focus on wheel-rail interaction, specialising in laboratory testing of rail steels and computational modelling of wear and crack initiation in rails. He is managing Newcastle University's involvement in SPARTACUS.

    Dr Gordana Vasic is a Research Associate with NewRail and a Serbian Chartered Mechanical Engineer. She has 12 years of railway research experience and has participated in more than 30 projects, managing several. Her area of expertise related to this Challenge is wear and cracking of rails, experimental work, modelling and theoretical work in rail life prediction. She is the main researcher working on SPARTACUS.

    Dr Cristian Ulianov coordinates NewRail's Rail Infrastructure Group. He has over twenty years of experience in industry and higher education, including design, research and teaching activities. His expertise includes railway engineering, manufacturing processes and technologies, composites engineering, and reliability and maintainability of mechanical systems. In SPARTACUS, he will help coordinate activities with AFER in Romania at Faurei.

    Dr Paul Hyde is a Research Associate with NewRail with a PhD in RCF modelling and rail maintenance optimisation. He is experienced in full scale testing and general track work and will coordinate SPARTACUS activities at Barrow Hill to ensure safety.

  • Prof. dr Sanja Vraneš Email: sanja.vranes[at] Website: Phone: +381 11 6771 398 Fax: +381 11 6776 583 Address: Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade SERBIA

    Institute Mihajlo Pupin

    The Institute Mihajlo Pupin (IMP) is a leading Serbian R&D institution in information and communication technologies, the largest and oldest in whole Southeastern Europe. It has 447 employees, 250 of them being researchers. The Institute combines their expertise in systems engineering and information technology to develop innovative solutions in the area of telecommunications and computer networks, knowledge and content technologies and applications, Web services, robotics, management information systems, e-government, e-business etc. ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 Quality Assurance Certificates that Pupin holds guarantee that it meets the value and quality expectations of its customers. The IMP has been involved in 56 EU funded projects, 23 of which are currently on-going.

    Role in Spartacus

    The IMP will lead WP5: System Integration and Customisation to the three Application Areas. Moreover, Pupin will provide its experience and expertise in Data storage and management, Decision support and ICT technologies. The Institute will also be highly involved in WP7: Replication and Scalability, where it will ensure the scalability of SPARTACUS solutions to other sectors and to multiple end-users.

    People involved

    Prof. dr Sanja Vraneš is jointly appointed as a General Director of the Institute Mihajlo Pupin and as a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Belgrade. She is also in charge of the Fraunhofer-Pupin Joint Project Office. She published over 200 scientific papers. She has also served as a project leader and/or principal architect of more than 20 complex commercial software projects. She has taken part in 26 EC-funded research projects. She is a member of the National Scientific Council and the Serbia Academy of Engineering Sciences. In Spartacus she will be the WP5 coordinator and in charge of supervising and steering the IMP contribution.

    Bogdan Pavković, PhD, is a researcher at the Institute Mihajlo Pupin. He defended his PhD thesis entitled «Going towards the future Internet of Things through a cross-layer optimization of the standard protocol suite» from the University of Grenoble, France in 2012. His research interests include cross-layer and self-organization solutions for WSN, standardization (RPL + IEEE 802.15.4. ), multi-path routing with QoS, testbed implementation, emulation of large scale networks, and realistic link quality metrics. In Spartacus he will be in charge of Technical Specifications, System Architecture, and R&D of Wireless technologies. 

    Dejan Paunović, Dipl. Ing., has received an engineer's degree in 2000 at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. He has been employed with the Institute Mihajlo Pupin since 2003. He is involved in scientific projects financed by the Serbian Ministry of Science and he took part in several EU FP6 and FP7 projects. He has experience in enterprise application software development, web application architecture, client/server programming, database and web development. His interests include programming languages, databases, algorithms, web technology design and implementation, and are focused on the design, analysis and implementation of software systems. In Spartacus, he will be the person in charge of software development in WP4.

    Uroš Milošević, MSc, holds a BSc degree in Information Systems from the State University of New York, and a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). His research experience and expertise range from both qualitative and quantitative approaches to artificial intelligence, to multimedia information retrieval, to semantic web technologies, all based on active involvement in a number of EU FP6 and FP7 projects in the past years at the Leibniz Center for Law (UvA), the Informatics Institute (UvA), and the Institute Mihajlo Pupin. His Spartacus engagement will be mainly within the scope of R&D activities in WP3 and WP4.

    Mr. Vuk Mijović, M.Sc., received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia in 2009 and 2011, respectively. He has been employed as scientific researcher with the Institute Mihajlo Pupin since November 2009. During this time he was involved in EU FP7 projects EMILI and LOD2 and in projects funded by the Serbian Ministry of Science. His interests include mobile development, semantic web, linked data, service oriented architecture, enterprise service bus, complex event processing and web services. In Spartacus he will be participating in R&D activities in WP3 and WP4.

  • Mr. Andreas Seipelt Email: andreas.seipelt[at] Website: Phone: +49 40 1804264-24 Address: Helbingstraße 47, 

    22047 HamburgGERMANY

    Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V.

    Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. (JUH) is a German non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to excellence in the fields of medical care, ambulance service, civil protection and disaster relief. The JUH is active across Germany and part of the international active Order of St. John. JUH in Germany is organised in nine state chapters, which comprise more than 200 associations on district and local levels. With its more than 16,000 full-time and 30,000 voluntary staff and 1.4 million sustaining members, Johanniter is one of four organizations forming the backbone of the German ambulance and medical civil protection system. The core competences are rescue- and ambulance service, mobile care activities, home alert service and disaster relief. Johanniter is actively involved in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism e.g. providing multinational modules, conducting trainings, providing civil protection/disaster relief experts for interventions as well as trainers and lecturers.

    Role in Spartacus

    JUH will provide scientific and operational expertise based on the vast mission experiences in the fields disaster response and humanitarian aid. The core task will be the planning and implentation of training and demonstration activities as a testbed for the SPARTACUS services. Additional tasks are the contribution of functional and end-user requirements, supplemented by dissemination activities within the existing inter/national networks.

    People involved

    Mr. Harm Bastian HARMS is working as senior civil protection expert for Johanniter since 1993, currently as the Head of Unit "International Projects and Cooperation" (IPC) in the national headquarters. His main responsibilities are: project manager of EU-funded projects, coordination and advanced training in international disaster relief. His responsibilities in the project will be that of an expert in the fields emergency operations and civil protection.

    M.A. Andreas SEIPELT is working for Johanniter since beginning of 2011 as Assistant Project Manager in the unit "International Projects and Cooperation" (IPC) responsible for EU-funded FP7 projects and Civil Protection trainings. He has extensive experiences in project management as well as in organizing, supporting and conducting EU Civil Protection trainings. His responsibilities in the project will be on planning, coordinating and conducting training and demonstration related activities.