TIIMISS Spartacus workshop




On June 19th and 20th 2014, at the Federal Office of Civil Protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the first TIIMISS Spartacus workshop was held. The conference was attended by 40 people from various municipalities and cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Emphasis is placed on field experiences, as well as the assessment of damages in crisis case.

Our guests Alois A. Hirschmugl and Harm Bastian gave interesting lectures about International disaster management operations, leadership decision making and the use of military and civil defence as well as the logistics in crisis management situations.

ASIGN UN application was presented, as well as other similar solutions. The biggest problem of civil defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the political situation and the divisions of the country, which prevents the creation of an integrated system.

Nevertheless, the applications that were presented could help the existing system. The data could be in one place, visibility and access to the data significantly increased, which immediately saves time, energy and money while at the same time, increasing efficiency.

Participants were most interested in the integration of systems and solutions as well as the education on the subject. The workshop proved to be an eye-opening experience for the individual parts that make up the civil defense of our country.